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Chiropractic FAQ

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No. Chiropractors are a primary health care professional, meaning you can come see us at the earliest sign of pain or discomfort you may have. Our goal is not to replace your family doctor, but to work together with them for the benefit of your health.
Do I need to get ‘cracked’?
Absolutely Not! While Chiropractors have become widely known for ‘cracking backs’, the care provided by a Chiropractor is not limited to this. The Chiropractic Doctor will take a careful assessment of the treatment best suited to get the patient back to 100% as well as what the patient is comfortable with receiving. This may include a number of other treatments we also provide.
How often do I need treatment?
This would depend on your specific injury. Usually we ask those with severe or acute injuries to come in more often at first, then we taper off the treatment over time (i.e. Twice a week for the first two weeks, then down to once a week, once a month, once every two months and so on.) The Chiropractor will provide their best estimate of the treatment plan based on their expertise, but actual recovery will vary based on a number of factors: severity/type of the injury, how the patient’s daily activities promote (or prevent) a rapid recovery and stretching/exercise performed by the patient outside of treatment.
I heard that once I start Chiropractic treatment, I’ll never be able to stop. Is this true?
Definitely not! Our goal is to completely remedy the injury you came in to see the Chiropractor for and we regularly ‘decommission’ our patients once their treatment plan is complete and they feel 100% again. Some individuals choose to see a Chiropractor on a regular basis (once every two or three months) just to keep their bodies in check. These visits are quick, inexpensive and help identify any potential problems early on, assisting in preventing future injuries.

Orthotics FAQ

Do I need a prescription from my family doctor to get Custom Orthotics?
Depends. If you have an Extended Health Care Insurance plan, they may require you to obtain a prescription for custom orthotics from your family doctor. Many insurance companies have implemented this to provide increased accountability and reduce fraudulent claims. Not sure what you need? We process numerous claims and are familiar with the requirements of each insurance company and would be happy to help!
How much will my insurance cover for the Custom Orthotics?
This varies based on your specific plan. Insurance companies usually allocate one lump sum on an annual or bi-annual basis for custom orthotics. We have priced our orthotics at $350 for one pair which is usually fully covered by most insurance plans, and also a reasonable price for those without insurance coverage. We provide a discount on additional pairs, so those with larger coverage amounts may opt to get two pairs at $550. Many of our patients opt for this to get a pair customized for athletic shoes and another pair for dress shoes!
Do I get a pair of shoes with my Orthotics?
No. Some clinics offer a pair of shoes of your choice ‘included in the orthotic price’. This is generally frowned upon by insurance companies. We have priced our orthotics at as low of a cost as possible since we do not include the cost of a free pair of shoes into our margin.
Are your orthotics lower quality because they are cheaper?
The exact opposite! Our manufacturer’s supplies and machinery have been imported from Germany to bring the high quality standard of EVA (Ethelyne Vinyl Acetate) based orthotics to Canada. These are the best pair of orthotics you will ever own! You can read more on our Custom Orthotics info page.
How long does it take to get a pair made?
About two to three weeks from the date you are assessed for orthotics by the Chiropractor.

Payment FAQ

Is Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Physiotherapy care covered under OHIP?
Unfortunately it is not. While these treatments are widely accepted as key health practices, recognized for their ability to improve functional living for many Ontario residents – OHIP primarily covers Physician/Hospital visit. Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Physiotherapy are considered Extended Health Care services – alongside Dentistry, Optometry, Massage Therapy and more.
Is treatment covered by my Extended Health Care Insurance?
Yes – Practically all insurance providers allocate an amount that is covered for Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Physiotherapy Treatments. We are registered with all major insurance companies to submit claims electronically. While our policy is to take payment upfront for the visit, once we submit the claim, patients often receive reimbursement within one or two business days.
How much will my insurance company cover?
This depends on your specific insurance plan as selected by your employer. Insurance plans can cover anywhere between 30% – 100% of your treatment cost each visit. In addition, most plans have an annual maximum of what they will cover. We are more than happy to review your plan with you during your visit such that you understand the coverage amounts you will have available to you while receiving treatment with us.
Do you charge more to patients who have insurance coverage?
Absolutely not! We do not have a two-tiered pricing system nor do we charge different amounts to different patients. This ensures that every one of our patients gets the same quality of care – the best, regardless of their insurance coverage or lack thereof. This also follows our commitment to put your health first: We only recommend treatment plans to get you better ASAP – not to get the most money out of you.