We offer our customized orthotics for $350, but this doesn’t mean our orthotics are by any means ‘cheap’.
In fact, they’ll be the best pair of orthotics you’ll ever own. Here’s why:

What are real orthotics?
Orthotics are external devices added to your shoes, often in the form of an insole to modify the form, angle and impact each time your feet touch the ground. As each person is unique in their foot structure, arch height and walking form a truly unique orthotic is the only thing that can correct your unique situation. Be wary of any ‘orthotic’ that hasn’t been designed specifically for you (i.e. can be found off the shelf of a local retailer). These are simply ‘modified insoles’ that don’t take into account your unique situation and can often worsen or create lasting conditions impacting your lifestyle.
The right casting process
We utilize a foam casting process to take an impression of each of your feet in a semi-weight bearing mould. The process is clean, quick and accurate when performed by a trained professional, however, there’s much more to designing the perfect orthotic than just taking a snapshot of your foot. Our process includes an in-depth analysis of how you stand, walk and the current state of your joint function. All of these together will impact how your orthotics will be designed and incorporate ‘postings’ – specific height and shape adjustments to specific areas of the orthotic which will enable you to use your legs longer, better and without pain.
A uniquely manufactured orthotic, for your unique feet
ALHC is excited to have partnered with Orthogenic Laboratories, the manufacturer of our custom orthotics. Orthogenic Laboratories is the leading manufacturer of EVA-based custom orthotics in the GTA. EVA (Ethelyne Vinyl Acetate) is the material commonly used in the sole of your shoes and is quickly growing as the new standard in custom orthotics thanks to its revolutionary ability to be specifically designed for each foot. Using a specialized milling process, the EVA is formed into a precise orthotic based on the detailed casting process, which can accommodate the most unique of postings and adjustments required for a long list of conditions impacting the feet such as flat feet, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, diabetes and more. Further, by using an orthotic manufactured of the same material as the shoes you’ll wear them in, the orthotic is able to better act as an extension to the shoe. Historically, orthotics were moulded out of hard plastic disc as the base shape forming the orthotic – You can compare this to adding a layer of cement on top of your mattress – It no longer matters how many pocket coils are in the mattress you bought, all you’re going to feel is the cement. Orthotics that work with your shoes are key to providing improved function to your daily activities.
For every season
You wouldn’t wear steel toed boots to a wedding nor would you wear your heels out for a jog. Just as shoes have varied design and application, we design our orthotics specific to yours. Your fit and function vary based on your application and we take that into account by specifically selecting the density of EVA, thickness of the orthotic and making adjustments to the various postings. For running shoes, we design orthotics that are flexible, shock-absorbent and promote proper running form. These will vary greatly for orthotics we can design for heels. Yes! We can design custom orthotics to be worn in heels or as well call them: Heelthotics. Having a different set of orthotics for different applications is critical: Your legs and feet function differently at the office vs. on the run and your orthotics should function differently for each application as well, which is why our patients often get more than one pair of orthotics at a time (or build up a collection over time!)