**Updated as of July 30, 2021: We continue to uphold and enforce recommended health & safety regulations to prevent the spread of Covid. We understand if some patients would wish to cancel/postpone their appointments and ask that you inform us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.

We kindly ask that any patient who tests positive for Covid-19 and visited the clinic within 10 days of their test to inform us immediately such that appropriate measures can be taken to detect and prevent any spreading of Covid-19.**

For everyone’s safety, we have implemented a number of changes due to covid. We understand some of these may be inconvenient to you, but ask for your patience and compliance as it helps us maintain a safe environment for all our patients and staff. We hope to phase back to ‘normal’ and will update this list regularly when changes can be made that are in compliance with our professional regulatory bodies and in the best interest of public health.

Before Your Visit

  • Face Coverings: Our professional regulatory bodies permit us to only treat patients who are wearing face coverings. Please bring and wear one during your entire visit. 
  • No visitors or drop-ins: Only patients with appointments are allowed to enter the clinic during the allotted time. No significant others or children of patients.
  • Screening questionnaire prior to visit: We will e-mail you an online covid screening questionnaire 1-day prior to your appointment. Completing this is mandatory to help us determine if you are safe to enter our premises.

Checking-In for your Appointment

  • Check-In only at your appointment time: We ask patients to wait in their cars until their appointment time. Please come in only at the exact start-time of your appointment. We are unable to allot extra treatment time if you are late. We have removed our waiting room chairs.
  • Upon Arrival: Please sanitize your hands upon arrival at our sanitization station at the front entrance. We will ask a few questions to verbally confirm the status of your health and perform a temperature check with a non-contact thermometer.
  • Physical Distancing: Will be maintained by our team and patients whenever possible. We have setup a plexiglass shield at our reception desk.

After your Appointment

  • Sanitizing Procedures
    • Treatment rooms and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after each patient
    • Practitioners will utilize both face masks and face shields that are replaced and cleaned, respectively, on a regular basis
    • Practitioners will sanitize/wash their hands in between patients
  • Invoice & Payment: We are not accepting cash payments. Only credit and debit card payments are accepted (tap feature encouraged). Invoices will be e-mailed to you by default instead of printed.
  • Next appointment booking: Will be done in the treatment room with the practitioner or at your convenience online at home.

Changes To Overall Clinic Operations

  • No washroom: The washroom will not be available for patient use to reduce risk of exposure and contact.
  • High-Touch Items: Non-essential items that cannot be safely sanitized between patients will be removed (e.g. reception chairs, blankets, heating pads).
  • Opening Hours: Have been adjusted to maintain a safe number of patients at the clinic each day. See current schedule here: https://abundantlifemarkham.ca/contact-us/
  • Fee Schedule: We’ve adjusted some of our pricing due to costs of spacing out patients and sanitzation procedures https://abundantlifemarkham.ca/fees-rates/
  • Initial Consults: New patients will have a no-fee video call prior to their first appointment to reduce the time/contact of initial consult/history-taking.

We hope to see you soon. Please contact us for any inquiries.

Changes to Clinic Operations