Clinic Reopening

Abundant Life Health Centre will be reopening on Monday, June 15th 2020. After being closed for 3 months, we are excited to be reopening our doors to provide care to our patients once again. We hope everyone has been staying

Changes to Clinic Operations

Changes to Clinic Operations

**Updated as of August 24 2020: In light of higher new case numbers in Ontario, we kindly ask that any patient who tests positive for Covid-19 and visited the clinic within 10 days of their test to inform us immediately

Covid-19 & Clinic Closure Updates

Covid-19 & Clinic Closure Updates

Latest Update: June 11, 2020 Abundant Life Health Centre will be reopening on Monday, June 15, 2020. Please see re-opening announcement here: We’re Reopening! Update from May 30, 2020 Abundant Life Health Centre has chosen to remain closed at this

We’ve Moved!

We are excited to announce that we’ve moved to a larger and newly upgraded clinic to serve you better! As of Monday, May 6th, 2019, we have begun operations at our new location. If you have an appointment, or are planning

Keeping your Kids Healthy

In Canada, over 30% of children and youth are considered to be overweight or obese. The majority of children who suffer from being overweight are mainly due to improper diet and/or an inactive lifestyle. In 2011, the Canadian Health Measures

Sleep Better This Year

The average Canadian is said to be increasing in tiredness and fatigue when compared to previous generations, however, this isn’t strictly due to busier work schedules. Studies suggest that nearly 50% of adults suffer from perpetual sleep problems which prevent

More Snow, More Problems

Ice storms, freezing rain, heavy snowfall and dangerous road conditions. These conditions sum up how many Torontonians have enjoyed their winter thus far. While most dread shoveling their driveway, this daunting task doesn’t have to leave you stiff, sore, or